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STYLE 401: From Regular To Glam

Fashion is vibrant. There are various ways of interpreting that vibrancy which makes fashion such great fun. How do you come out looking glamourous, without being  too Christmassy?
In today’s Style 401, we  are showing  how you can make your outfit pop, by adding that one colour, to transform from plain to glam. Here are a few ways to add that  pop of colour.

Makeup And Nails Pop

Lip stick collection 2 a Cutex Collection 2b

Believe it or not, your nails and makeup play a vital role in your final look. If you feel incomplete, it might just be that your makeup isn’t bright enough, or your nails look dull. For  makeup, try bright-coloured lips like red, pink and even dark purple. As for  nails, you can do just about any colour, so have fun!

Add A Colourful Pair Of Shoes

Red shoes 2

Take for instance, you decide on a Little black dress (LBD), make that dress pop by wearing red shoes or black shoes with red detail on it, and find a matching bag to go.

Bright Accessories

Colourful bangles 4a Colourful stud 4b

Using colourful accessories can be a bit tricky, but the solution here is if you want your accessories to pop, then disperse them evenly around your outfit.  From bright coloured earrings to broaches, belts  and bangles, try to stay away from bigger accessories that are too colourful.



Nothing says I’m beyond confident in my own skin than a woman with colourful hair; now the trick is knowing what suits you.  So consult your hair stylist and try out colours, other than black and the usual colour 1B.


By Pamela Echemunor


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