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Sound sultan accused of maltreating housemaid


Naija Ninja leading music act, Olanrewaju Fasasi, aka Sound Sultan, was recently accused of not taking proper care of his house maid. While wishing his friends, family and fans a happy Eid Mubarak on his social media page, the Monsura crooner uploaded a picture of himself with his wife, children and housemaid, and wrote “My kids say I look like a genie, I said well, you guys must have exhausted your wishes one million wishes ago”.

Trailing his instagram upload is a series of mixed reactions from fans and followers. Many followers complimented t him, his wife and children for being neatly and gorgeously clad in dapper outfits but condemned the shabby manner in which his maid was dressed, accusing sound Sultan of maltreating his maid, stressing that for the maid to be shabbily dressed, putting on a bathroom slippers is an obvious sign that he is violating her child rights.

One of his followers wrote “You all look good but can’t you take care of your housemaid? Haba! This is bad now! Later you and your fellow celebrities will come out to protect against child rights, meanwhile you are not leading by example”. Another wrote “And your maid is wearing bathroom slippers and you are all dressed up looking dapper. The celebration is all about showing kindness, start with her first”.

Other fans and followers further condemned the talented hit-maker’s negligence to his maid. “Please try and dress the maid up, it doesn’t have to be obvious that she’s a maid. Even as at that you guys should have taken care to dress her up, I’m disappointed. There were many more un-reprintable reactions from the singer’s fans which can not be printed here.

By Rotimi Agbana


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