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12 ways you can stay healthy in the office

By Patricia Uyeh

stay healthy
It is possible to have healthy habits in the office. Healthy habits are about balancing work and pleasure.You can be working and still cater for your body. Here are 12 easy ways to have a stronger mind, body and soul in your workspace:

1. Keep healthy snacks close by
Having snacks like chin-chin or chips close to your laptop while working in the meantime, is easier than getting up to go to the office canteen.

2. Come with your own lunch
It is inexpensive and would not tell on your bank account. You probably cook it to your taste and it is more filling.

3.Stand up and stretch
Most times, we can be glued to our laptops and seats, taking time to stand at your desk for at least 30 minutes, would do your body good. It would be terrible leaving the office with a kink in your neck or sore muscles at the close of work. To avoid such, take time to stretch or stand occasionally.

4.Adopt computer smart habits
Staring at the computer screen all day could be exhausting. It tells on the eyes, neck, back and head. Turn the brightness down on your computer. Use eye drops, sit up straight and shift positions occasionally.

5. Schedule walking meetings
Take time to go on a stroll and probably receive sunshine then let the creative juices in your body system flow.

6.Take the stairs
Instead of using the elevator, you can opt for the staircase. If you are walking on the 21st floor, you could climb the stairs halfway then, use the elevator for the other half. This would help improve your heart rate even without working out.

7. Take a quick nap
This could be pretty hard without drawing attention to your boss. However, no matter how short the nap is, it would help you refocus and relieve stress.

8.Drink lots of water
This goes without saying. Water is a necessity for the human body. Water equals a happy body and reduces the likelihood of mid-day headaches.

9.Stare at the window
According to science, just staring at trees can reduce stress and contribute to well-being altogether. (If you don’t have trees in your work environment, then you might consider purchasing plants)

10. Think of replacing the 2nd and 3rd coffee
Rather than taking more caffeine into your body system, you could replace it with De-caffeinated tea or sugar-free gum.

11. Turn the music down
Loud music is harsh on the eardrums. If you are constantly blasting music, then, you could consider reducing it. That way,you are aware of what is happening around you and can tell when your boss is calling you.

12. Breathe
If you are very ambitious, you could consider mindfulness or meditation. Just take time from work schedule to breathe! Trust me, you feel a lot better.

Source: the Muse

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