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Here comes the wedding ring that lets you feel your partner’s heartbeat

touch-ringWe have seen some pretty wacky wedding crazes over the years, from underwater ceremonies to robots officiating vows, but this new ring trend is definitely one to watch.

Hailing itself as ‘the most sophisticated ring in the world’, The Touch is a ring which shows your partner’s real-time heartbeat no matter where they are on the planet.

It works like this: Once you tap it, the ring transmits signals via Bluetooth to its partner. Sensors on your other half’s ring will then read their heartbeat and transmit it back to you so that you can feel it in real-time through your own ring. You can also watch it light up to the beat too (so jazzy).
Coming in either stainless steel or a fancier rose gold, each ring also has a sapphire crystal frame, making it almost completely unscratchable. So no excuses for taking it off then…

Now, we all like a bit of wearable technology, but this one really divided the office, with half of the people thinking it was the sweetest thing and the other half thinking it was, well, just a bit creepy.

Admittedly, there are some obvious flaws. What happens if it breaks or you forget to charge it and then your partner ends up thinking your dead because there’s no heartbeat coming from you? We’re stressed just thinking about it…

Priced at $599 for a pair (approximately 197819.75) they aren’t exactly cheap, but they do promise to let you ‘become part of history’ and ‘be the first to experience feeling no one ever did before.’




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