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New discovery alert! Is it goodbye to reliance on crude oil?

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By Patricia Uyeh

The Australian,  an Australian national news daily , was quoted by Premium Times in a report saying that a private mining syndicate,  Hugh Morgan,  has made a discovery at Dangoma in the North-West state of Kaduna.

According to Premium times, “the discovery is unusual because the nickel is found in small balls up to 3mm in diameter of a high purity, in shallow solid, in what could be the surface expression of a much bigger, hard rock nickel field. The nickel balls, rumoured to grade better than 90 percent nickel, and thought to be a world first given their widespread distribution, offer the potential for early cash flow from a simple and low-cost screening operation to fund a full assessment of the find that has exploration circles buzzing.”

It also quoted Morgan saying that he expects the Federal Government of Nigeria to make an official announcement to that effect soon. However, the Chief Press Secretary of the Minister of Solid Minerals, Kayode Fayemi, has come out to say that there has been no details of the discovery for now.


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