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Pastor Beats Church Members For Getting Pregnant Outside Of Marriage

A Ghanaian pastor is trending on social media after a circulating video shows him whipping a “pregnant” young woman and a man during church service for engaging in premarital sex.

The video, where the Akan language was mostly spoken was from a  live coverage on the church’s satellite television channel on Wednesday with English translation heard faintly in the background as well as a cheering congregation.

Bishop Daniel Obinim, who is not new to controversies, was captured with a belt in one hand and a microphone in the other questioning while whipping the young shirtless man and the fleeing woman.

He questioned the young man, whom he described as a student, if he was financially capable of catering for the woman and a baby.

As he whips the two, the young woman whom he described as a beauty therapy apprentice, sought refuge in his wife, who tried shielding her. Another pastor carried her back for more.

“I won’t forgive you. When you met her and you were having sex, did you think Prophet Obinim will not catch you? If he doesn’t catch you, he will catch you in the room,” Obinim said while he whipped the man and asked other pastors to continue the flogging.


The event has been condemned by Ghanaians on social media and some civil society groups.

“The public should be really upset. We think that Bishop Obinim is going beyond his jurisdiction at this time. This is a criminal offence [and] he should be arrested by the Police,” the Director of Amnesty International Ghana, Lawrence Amesu, told a locally based radio station on Thursday.

The church, International God’s Way Church, quickly reacted to the viral video and criticisms by issuing a statement urging the public not to jump into conclusions and condemn their leader.

“We have observed that some people with evil agenda are using the video to castigate and spread false rumors about the Founder and General Overseer of International God’s Way Church.

“We will not tolerate any negative commentaries on the said video without any attempt to understand the content before,” it said.

Later on Thursday, Bishop Obinim told local radio station Joy FM that the two lived with him and their “sinful act” was revealed to him by God and they confirmed it.


 Ghana’s Minister of Gender and Social Protection, Nana Oye Lithur, said her ministry has already reported Bishop Obinim to the police and investigations have commenced.


Africanews transcribed the Akan language spoken in the video for easy understanding of the content. Find the transcription below the video.

Controversial Bishop Daniel Obinim

The Akan-speaking pastor who gained popularity for flashy colourful suits and shoes broke the internet in 2014 when a video showed him kicking woman in the stomach for her to get a baby girl.

He was accused of sleeping with his junior pastor’s wife in 2011. He agreed later and said in an interview that “it was God’s plan to prove he was human contrary to beliefs that he was an angel.”

So many other controversies, as documented by local website, including his arrest for assault in 2012 have not affected his growing congregation negatively.

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