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Stay chic, wear turbans

By Patricia Uyeh


Diamonds are every woman’s best friend. The red lipstick says a lot about the wearer. These are fashion statements that would never fade. More fashion statements are trending. One of such, is the turban. Modern women who want to add the extra edge to their appearance, opt for turbans. It is very suitable for acieving the bohemian look.
Nevertheless, every woman can rock turbans. It is not only hot, it is elegant and serve as  a simple hat replacement for all season. If you are having a bad hair day, you can use turbans to the rescue.
To get inspiration on how to rock turbans, follow the styles from celebrities and style icons who are at the top of their games. Turbans can pass for a traditional head wrap or a detailed headband. The choice is yours. Ensure you know what tickles your fancy and the colour combinations that compliment each other. A turban is quite versatile whether you pair on jeans and shirt or a gorgeous evening dress, it gives you that ”wow” effect.
  Rita Dominic2How to tie turban

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