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Stay on track in your marriage with these tips

By Patricia Uyeh


The birth of a child knows no bounds to the parents. As you and your spouse adjust to the new responsibilities of parent hood, these are few tips to help you cope with the new phase of life:

1. Couple Time:  Family time is now couple time.You will need schedule time for just you and your spouse. You can organise dates or plan brief meetings where you can both discuss about various issues/ stuffs asides baby talk.

2. Money: Money plays a huge role for new parents.  Try living on your salary while you are both working. It is advisable to open a separate account for the pay check you will be saving. You should have nice savings in case of an emergency when you do stay at home.

3. House chores: Ensure you share the house chores  and child care duties so that you both have time together. You could post a memo of a list of daily chores strategically and follow up, then switch responsibilities the following week.

4. Grandparents: As much as grandparents would like to have time with the baby, you have to set boundaries at some point. Be kind yet firm. Choose specific times of the week that they can come by or you can go visiting. If your parents know that you are making time for them, they would be less forceful.

5. Family: Make out time for each other when you can. Also create space for other people in your life  for support, mentorship and friendship.

6. Listen to your partner: Your partner can not read your mind and vice versa. You  and your spouse need  to make known your wants and grievances. Try as much to not only hear but also listen.

7. Sex: Just because you are married does not mean you can’t make a hot date. Ensure you keep the love flames alive and spice up your life with your partners. Experienced parents advise you make your bedroom baby-free during bedtime.

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