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Vogue September Cover Girl, Kendall Jenner Answers 73 Questions


As Kendal Jenner lands the coveted September cover of Vogue magazine, she was also featured on their latest 73 Questions video, where   she had a no-holds-barred interview on anything and everything Kendal Jenner.

She talked about her high-school nickname to the teenaged bad behavior that gets her nostalgic and whether or not she’s considering her own TV spin-off, not forgetting the favourite part of her body, people should focus on more. Nothing was out of bounds, from how, exactly, she and Gigi are related, to which of her sisters isher favorite (right now), the secrets that she knows about Kim, and what she wears when nobody’s watching. Hint: It’s less than you think.

This is the model’s first cover for Vogue and it is absolutely landmark, that it turned out to be a September cover no less.

Vogue has declared this edition ‘Generation K’ and bills the issue as ‘Kendall Jenner: The face that launched a billion likes.’

While her big sister Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were the first in the family to be on the cover of US Vogue back in 2014, the couple were on the April issue not the coveted September issue.

September has long been held as the premiere release of any magazine as it the biggest and celebrates the trends for the following year.



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