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Fashion: Be a perfect gentleman with a perfect pocket square

By Rita Chioma
To be a perfect gentleman, you need to know how to complete the stylish debonair look. Nothing says suave and sophisticated quite like a clean, neatly folded pocket square.
The fabric flourish is a grand touch when it comes to accessorizing, which means that getting it right is essential.
Follow this simple guides for those formal, black-tie occasions when nothing but the best will do for your breast pocket.
Choosing A Square
There are no set rules when it comes to ‘pocket squares’; theoretically, their construction can be made of any square-shaped piece of fabric you happen to have to hand.
More often than not, though, pocket squares are formed using silk handkerchiefs because handkerchiefs are easily available, uniformly shaped & styled, comparatively cheap, plus they fold easily.  Then, they’re also neatly finished around the edges for crisp corner.
Selecting Your Fold
There’s no singular fold you must conform to. Just as with neckties, you’ll find a variety of options are available to you. Below is a selection of the more popular choices for you to take a look through.
A fold so simple your six-year-old nephew could make it. Leave ample time for tucking and tweaking with this fold; there’s a fine line between laid back and lazy, and the puff fold walks it with aplomb.
Lay your square out flat on the table; pick up the square from the centre and pull to a point. Fold the pointed end up to the ‘ruffled’ end and neatly tuck into the breast pocket.
Point Fold
A simple, elegant fold that peaks up out of your jacket, adding height to your torso area. A timeless classic, always fold the bottom up three quarters of the length for added rigidity so your pocket square doesn’t droop.
Fold your square into quarters. Fold the bottom up three quarters of the length of the design to add stability. Tuck into the pocket exposing the top half of the design.
Square Fold
Another timeless classic. The square peeks out the top no more than half an inch – much more and it looks like a badly misplaced napkin. Don’t be tempted to simply fold into quarters; it won’t slip neatly into your pocket, plus it’ll sag or slide without the added support of the correct folds.Tuck into the breast pocket leaving half an inch exposed.
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