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NYFW: Kanye showcases his 2016 spring collection to mixed reactions

By Oluwakemi,

Rapper cum fashion designer, Kanye West showcased his 2016 spring collection on the first day of the New York Fashion Week and it was has led to  different reactions.

Kanye’s collection for Adidas did not depart totally from his previous collections, as nude and earth tones still dominated the scene.

The  season 4 collection of the rapper was shown on Roosevelt Island and guests were transported there in buses, as the location was not exposed before hand.


Kanye’s show was criticised for starting late, over an hour later than the 3pm earlier stated. His models were also made to stand in the over 80s degree heat, waiting for the show to start. Soon after, some of them sat down to wait, while one even fainted from dehydration before the show even began.

Meanwhile, no provision was made for water and shade for them.

Headlines denouncing his show range from 5 reasons why the Yeezy Season 4 fashion show was a disaster– Woman’s Day, Models ‘drop like flies’ as Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 4 fashion – to New York Post’s Kanye’s fashion show was a total disaster– New York Post

 After waiting for hours, some fashion editors left and even, Fashion Icon, Anna Wintour was seen looking bored at the venue of the showcase.
Kanye’ wife, Kim and her sisters came in late and they were accusations in  some corner, that they were the reason the show started late.
On the positive reasons, E-News, which shows Keeping up with the Kardashians had a list of five lessons to be learnt from the Yeezy show.
Whatever the reactions were, Kanye had a satisfactory smile on his face at the end of the show as he raced to take his bow.
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