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How to tell if your relationship is heading towards marriage

By Patricia Uyeh
Do you wonder why some relationships end up with someone walking down the aisle while some sadly come to a halt with so much investment and commitment?

Truth is, there are clear tale signs that show where the relationship is headed. Do go through these tips and find out if there are wedding bells in your future:

-He is always open to discuss certain topics like marriage and settling down and jokingly brings up these topics himself.

-If he introduces to his circle of friends and is openly affectionate to you when in their midst.

-He considers you good enough to spend time with you outside the confines of his /your place or a hotel room.

-He invites you to his family events and even goes a step further to introduce you to his family members while you’re there.

-You’re updated and included in his career plans and development.

-Does he get excited about his friends who are getting married and offer his support to them? Might just be a sign he’s positive about marriage and will soon consider it himself.

-He pushes you to become a better person and is likewise interested in the growth of your career, academics and hobbies.

-When he is willing to invest in your future like paying your higher education, a professional course or offers you financial support to start a business.

-If he’s beginning to go the extra mile just to curtail the certain behaviors of his that you hate and is willing to work out your differences then you know he’s evolving for the future.

-When he begins to use words like “we/us” rather than “you and me” or words like “when” instead of “if” then you can sure tell he’s positive about you both ending up together.

-He makes reference of the future with you in the picture and is totally comfortable being himself around you.

-When he’d rather skip hanging out with his friends and have a stay in with you, might be he’s started considering himself a family man.

-He doesn’t mind sharing his belongings with you and makes sure you know that you know that whatever is his is accessible to you at any time.

-He’s solidly behind you when you’re facing a difficult situation and offers you a shoulder to lean on.

If your bae is all of this and more then wow you are not on a long thing, it’s time to go ring shopping. And if he’s not… please sis, do not waste your precious time, remove that man from your life ASAP!

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