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‘One Night Stand’ Advise- Daddy Freeze writes open letter to Toke Makinwa

By Rita Chioma,

Over the weekend, controversial On Air Personality, Toke Makinwa through her Vlog spoke on what ladies shouldn’t miss in their 20s.
She added ‘One Night Stand’, as part of what young girls in their 20s should experience.
On that note, Toke was tongue-lashed for such comments and her media industry colleague, Daddy Freeze has heavily thrown his weight behind her.
Freeze, took to his Instagram to pen an open letter to Toke Makinwa.
He wrote:  “Dear Toke, I have known you longer than most people are aware off, I’ll put it at 15 years at least. You were recording a radio drama series at Coolfm, in 2001, when I joined, and I watched you grow, powered by hard work, and fueled by the passion and drive that only a strong woman can posses.‎
I met Maje who I also believe is a wonderful guy, through you, and although you guys didn’t work out, the strength to forge ahead has not left either of you. Toke, as far as I am concerned, you are one of Nigeria’s foremost female broadcasters ( I hate the acronym OAP with a passion). You are a trend setter, an online entrepreneur and a formidable force, pioneering the paradigm shift, leading to the emergence of a new order in Nigerian online entertainment, this however, doesn’t come without consequence. I watched your vlog, and I understand that you were trying to express thoughts, that many people nurse in the depths of their minds, hidden far away from public scrutiny.

You, on the other hand do not enjoy that immunity, being a successful public figure. We Nigerians, are extremely judgmental, and love to seek fuel for jungle justice, which has one way or the other, migrated into our social media scene, where online courts are quickly formed, justice is speedily given and executions are promptly carried out, without any mercy whatsoever. Most people do not have the cognitive depth to assimilate the message you were trying to pass across and have employed their fertile imagination to fuel it into becoming what it has evolved into. God bless and keep you dear! ~FRZ.”

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