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Tasty Noodles in Coconut milk to spice up meal times at home

By Patricia Uyeh

Man can live without some things but one thing he definitely cannot live without is food. Don’t we just love food? The faster it takes to cook, the better, isn’t it? One of such meals that takes few minutes to prepare is noodles.

Did you know that noodles in Nigerian meals did not gain acceptance until about twenty years ago? As we speak, even strict mums are caving into the pressure of their kids/families’ craving for noodles.

Today’s recipe is Noodles in Coconut milk, a noodles version that appeals to both kids and adults alike. It is not only easy to make but very tasty and nutritious

Here is what you need:

2 packs of Noodles or Instant Noodles (75g size)

1 1/2 cups Coconut milk

4-6 pieces Prawn

2 tablespoon
shredded Ginger

I shredded Shombo pepper

I piece yellow pepper

Seasoning to taste
How to prepare:

-Start with measuring coconut milk into a pot,

-Add the pepper and ginger and bring to boil

-Add the prawns, seasoning and salt to taste and cook till prawn is cooked

-Steam the noodles for just a minute in boiling water, strain and add the coconut milk.

– Then cook for another one minute and the meal is ready.

Voila! Serve the Noodles in coconut milk


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