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If I’ll remarry, it would be to an Igbo man – Lolo 1 of Wazobia talks about her failed marriage and more

By Rita Chioma


Nigeria’s Lolo 1 – the madam who is the face of Wazobia FM’s ‘Oga Madam’ radio programme, was born Omotunde Adebowale David. She has over the years, excelled as one of the country’s best comediennes – on air, on stage and on the silver screen.

In a recent interview with ThisDay, Lolo talks about plans to remarry, her failed marriage, children and lots more.

On her family, the plus size silver screen diva, revealed she has four adorable kids with her estranged husband before their union met with brick walls.
“I have four amazing kids. I have three sons and a daughter. I am single. I met a lot of people saying, ‘Oh my God, this entertainer is divorced.’ Yes, my divorce is a mutual thing. It’s nothing to fight or quarrel about. My family life is private. I will not drag the father of my children on the pages of newspapers. He doesn’t deserve that. It’s not a quarrel; we might have issues that we are dealing with personally as people. But it doesn’t mean that we now have to go and talk about each other (in the public). He’s the father of my children. I respect him for that. It is an important reason we do not talk about it (divorce) on the pages of newspapers.”

When asked about plans to remarry, Lolo said, if she would remarry, she’ll go for an Igbo man.

“Well, yes, but it doesn’t matter where anybody comes from. I gravitate towards an individual. It’s who you are as a person that matters. It’s not where you come from. So, I’m not looking at anybody based on tribe even though it’s not like I’m shopping.
I’ll leave that in God’s hands. You know, if you’ve gone through a situation and you didn’t do well, I think it’s time to withdraw into myself – learn a few things about why this (the marriage) didn’t work and what I did wrong. So when I’ve learnt my lesson and healed internally, then maybe I will consider it. It takes time for one to be able to go through it (divorce). Marriage is not a walk in the park like people think. It’s something one signs up for forever and one has a break. That shows one didn’t do some things right. So, as an individual, one needs to get internal healing and work on one’s own personality, so that when one gets into another relationship, one would have learnt her lessons from the previous marriage.”

Wondering if there are chances for reconciliation with her ex, Lolo didn’t rule that totally out, she said: “Oh well, I’m not God. Everybody is a work in progress. It’s just that people in the media judge very harshly; because we live our life before people. But I’ve done my best to make it (failed marriage) work and I don’t make it a general topic. It’s a family issue. We’re dealing with it our own way.

What kind of childhood did you have?
I had a very independent childhood. I stayed in the hostel from primary three. So, I’ve been independent for a long time. I schooled in Ijebu-Ode Anglican Girls and I stayed in the hostel half of the time. That’s where my independence and creativity came from. I was always called to make impromptu speeches. I won a lot of laurels for my school in debates, impromptu speeches and so on.

Did your parents approve of your decision to pursue a career in the media?

No. You know how parents are then. Even my legal profession was chosen by them. I just got my JAMB form and they filled it. When I told my mom I wanted to act and go into media work, she cried, thinking I would end up earning meagre income despite the years I spent in school studying Law. But now, my mother will tell me she’s my fan. She calls me ‘Mama Lolo’ and that’s because I have been successful. God is helping me to succeed in what I have chosen to do. And I think that settles everything.”

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  • kelly

    may the good Lord grant your humble wish….Iseeeeh
    LOLO you look so beautiful and young.

    • Charles

      yes so beautiful and young to go take of her four children, expect you want to marry a mother of four kiddies.

    • Stephen

      Maybe her boss is from Igbo land or her present lovi lovi

    • Nuridin Adams

      This hagga with 4 kids looking Beautiful and Young? I beg go change your spectacles glasses Before you become compeletly blind.

  • omo56

    Amen and amen
    Do you plan to relocate?

  • shola

    No be Adaku of Jenifer diary be dis?

    • AMY

      Yes, she one and only Lolo 1 and Adaku. All join together.

  • Riot50000

    Why an Igbo Man?

    • Fada4Life

      Ndigbo like tokubo

  • Issam Kv

    Gud for u becuase igbo men are good looking

  • AZZO

    But I did not read where she said she would marry an Igbo man or have I read wrongly?

    • Chiagozie Ahanonu

      I didn’t read that too

    • MLK

      Don’t bother. It was written by an Ibo lady

      • Stephen

        This is the first question in the article written in bold, yet you people can’t see it. Any way she is not getting married today or tomorrow.

    • Nuridin Adams

      God bless you, where in the article did she said she will marry an igbo man? The writer of this article should be spanked 6 times on his/her yass, nonsense.

    • Factsayer

      Use microscopic glass to read again

      • Garry O.

        You actually need a ticker set of microscopic glasses. Here she she goes’

        …..“Well, yes, but it doesn’t matter where anybody comes from. I gravitate towards an individual. It’s who you are as a person that matters. It’s not where you come from. So, I’m not looking at anybody based on tribe even though it’s not like I’m shopping.

        Did you see this part of the article? Now prove him wrong..

        • Factsayer

          I can see ur sight is even worse than his or probably u had bad English teachers from kindergarten to secondary school.

          “When asked about plans to remarry, Lolo said, if she would remarry, she’ll go for an Igbo man”

          “”””Lolo said”””””

          Do u need someone to translate the word “said” to you in your language?

          • Garry O.

            You see how stupid you sound now? Your education is a total waste, and your parents should know about this. That quotation is from the writer which is an opinion. But the very next sentence which I made available to you, is directly from her. Which one will you believe, dem say, or she said? A beg, go back to school. It is not too late. this time, concentrate on the English.

          • Factsayer

            Mumu, ur other comment conceded that she made the statement previously . The article says she said not that the writer said. Go back to English school.

          • Garry O.

            Anufia. What about the other part? It does make sense to you? So you lack comprehension, that there two sides to this story? Oh we know. Igbo is always the best. But wait eternity until there will be a country. Naw Ezi.

          • Factsayer

            Go back to school, this time take economics class. There is what is called scale of preference . In her scale of preference, an Igbo man is at the top priority bcoz she knows how lazy and dirty u guys are…

            Get an interpreter

          • Garry O.

            Yes. Everyone in the world is lazy and dirty except Igbos. What are you still waiting for? She’s been there for that Igbo special,until she turns 70.Don’t worry. We shall see how your constant denigration of others will fetch you that country. Ntooooo. There was a country and it will remain a past tense until the end of the world.

          • Garry O.

            Ok. Now you’re back from school? Nwa ezi. You’re an Igbo,go and hit your head on the roof because poor journalism says she prefer Igbo. But one thing is sure, your arrogance, and selfishness will never give you that country. Ntooooooo.

          • Garry O.

            Let me make it easier for you. She was confronted with a statement she make in the past. But she countered it by saying, that it really does not matter where the person comes from. Abi, you no see dat line?

          • Factsayer

            Go back to school. Even from what u quoted , her first word is Yes, before saying the tribe doesn’t really matter.

            Go for English lesson

  • Sandy

    these bloggers, your story captions are usually so annoying. different headline, different story body na waoo

  • Remigious

    Some women are funny; they want to eat their cake and still have it. After fourchild, she is now looking a tipper to carry, offload and go empty to continue making several round trips. God will save our men. Well, we have many senseless men outside there who will marry a tokunbo woman with four children who will always be loyal to their father no matter the situation.

    • Bidemi Lukman

      There is absolutely nothing wrong if she re-marry after 4..5…. kiddies. Truth be told, how do you expect her to satisfy her natural urge. Though, no young man will marry after 4. The question is- how will a lady like her legitimately satisfy her urge

      • Factsayer

        Urge is what u cage urself into. Dont use ur mind to generalise. There are alot of people out there that sex is the least thing in their mind and life

        • Okwudili

          But sex is sweet, i think the woman has the right to pursue her happiness

          • Factsayer

            Sex is temporarily sweet and can be painful too and might be devastating if disease join. Not everyone has high libido and not everyone sees sex as important. People vary. There are nymphos there are people with very low libido.

            Sex becomes less important as u age unless ur mind is much downloaded with sexual fantasy. When u are older u tend to focus on more important things in life.

            The choice is for the woman knowing herself and her children’s needs

    • Agatha Uvie

      Are you telling me the ex husband will stay and not remarry? Let’s always be objective in our remarks.

    • Agbolade Yellowfella

      @Remigious:disqus not till you are in some shoes before you can tell if it hurt or not…..Oga ,it would have been nice for you to give a hmmm than for you saying all that…Not nice