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Nigerian Billionaire, Chief Offor causes a stir as he buries father in 15 million naira gold casket

By Patricia Uyeh

Billionaire, Chief Emeka Offor in a display of his wealth buried his father in a N15m gold casket.

However, the extravagant show of wealth did not go down well with the online community. While many questioned the act, others termed it wasteful. Chief Offor might have felt that he was honoring his late father by burying him in an expensive casket but some see it as unneccesary investment for the dead.

According to Daily post, here are the reactions of some Facebook users on Chief Offor’s gesture:

A Facebook user, Gabriel Omonhinmin said the casket is said to have cost a whopping sum of N15m. “Don’t you think Emeka Offor’s father, Benneth would have been much happier in his grave if this money was given as a revolving loan to some youths in that community?”


Another user, Okorie Ikechukwu wrote: “The casket is valueless and useless once itz being lowered into d grave. Emeka shld be mindful of d grave, for d activities of d gold-mongers.”

Manu Vice Mike wrote: “No matter d amount of tin u did to a died man is nothing but a waste cus he doesn’t know that a gasket worthy of millions went to grave with him , so he should bury his dad on a humanitarian ground nd not for publication.. so those of u who r planning to give ur dad an extravagant bury should covert it to him with an extravagant life Style wen he’s still alive rather than expensive gasket as it is not going to make any difference with those buried wit normal gasket.”

Obi Nkechi Agnes wrote: “This corpse would be exhumed very soon by young boys who know the worth of the casket.”
Prosper Odinaka Con wrote: “Make money and eat money,some of u here are talking out of poverty…. in case u don’t no poverty is a disease u can quote me anywhere.”


Portia Emilia Anthony wrote: “You see how shallow Nigerian so-called rich men can be? In fact, this man is so poor. The real wealthy men don’t try to impress anyone. If this man had fed so many poor ones in his community, opened an academy in his father’s name to maintain his legacy if he left any, I would have blown him a wet kiss. But to show this sort of empty profligacy on a man that has died is rather so shameful.

“What would a gold-plated casket do for the dead man that does not care if he is wrapped in a rag or buried in a casket? Did he give his father a gold-plated lifestyle or life at most? I guess he never had time for the poor man. I know how these fools roll. What sort of madness is this? This man has not impressed me o! He is an idiot just like all of them. RIP dad all the same.”

Christian Kooltian wrote: “Those saying its a waste should go read Matt 14 vs 3-9. The poor you would always have with you.”

Prince Nelly wrote: “Complete foolishness…”

Edward Chollom Peters wrote: “The gold-plaited casket will take his father to heaven?#NigeriansShaDemBeSpecialBreed

What do you think?


Image credit: Daily Post

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11 thoughts on “Nigerian Billionaire, Chief Offor causes a stir as he buries father in 15 million naira gold casket

  1. I simply want to mention I am very new to weblog and certainly savored this web blog. Probably I’m going to bookmark your blog . You amazingly come with good articles. Thanks a lot for revealing your website.

  2. I’d rather benefit living souls with what I have and quietly bury my father easily rather than in the eyes of public opinion or trying to impress the world.

    I’d rather spend such thousands helping a younger man than my father not to die that sending that amount to Hus grave. My beautiful daddy would have been very upset with me if I were to have done a thing like that.

    The poor guy was only trying to let people see him as a rich person, whereas in the real sense, he’s actually dreary.

  3. Any body wey wan die, make him die rotten. Did anyone make money for the man? When did Nigeria degenerate to this level of envy for the rich? If the man like to bury his father with diamonds, it’s no body’s business. Everyone should go make money or die poor. After all, both rich and poor dies and only God determines their final destination – hell or heaven!

    Mr. Offor must have helped people with money 100 times that amount! Even if he did not, everybody can’t be philanthropists!

    1. some peoples mind is about money, money , money and money. What is being said here is not about amount but about the morality of such a wastage. if we think less of money, money money, we will save our boys being executed for drugs in Thailand and less of Evans, By the way, Is he the richest person in Nigeria or even in his village? Sure no body made his money for him, but the money that is supposed to be used to better the live of Nigerians is part of his money. He and none of these billionaires without visible means of mega money making enterprise cannot deny this

      1. @ Flash… Put envy and jealousy aside. What is the meaning of money if not to make one’s life better? Who sets priority for others? Who tells you how to spend your own money? Must anyone use his hard earned income to help others who did not earn? “Na by force”? He spent his money and not govt. or public money. this #15m equals $41k. not even up to 10% of $6m Alakija’s son who hasn’t earned a dime spent on wedding recently. Please let Offor do what he like with his money, just as I manage mine.

        1. Vary sorry chief Ofo’s popularity has gone down, since he did this useless berial.
          iam vary sure that his father is not happy that he was in a gold box were even his creator was berried in a tomb made of ordenary stone.

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