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5 Tips to save money this festive season

By Patricia Uyeh

It is the end of the year and most people are thankful and of course, this calls for merry-making and having fun.

In the midst of all of these merry-making, money keeps seeping out of your bank account and the queue for the ATM are getting longer.

Even though, it’s easy, it will not be proper to spend all you have now and go broke in January.

It is wise to turn this season into a money-savvy season. You don’t have to stay broke after the holidays, below are useful tips to get over the festive season hangover:

1. Avoid using your credit card rather use cash
Try putting away your credit card for a month and pay for everything with either cash or your debit card. By doing so, you will only pay with what you have. If you are tempted to use your credit card, try putting it in the freezer to freeze. But seriously, you could put it away to where its beyond your reach for the time being.

2. Consider selling things you don’t need
Most people see this season as a time to acquire more things. Instead of buying more stuff, why don’t you consider looking around your house for things that you no longer need and have not used in a while then sell them. There are many online platforms to sell used items and make extra money this season.

3. Ensure you let go of one habit ahead of the Christmas holidays
Many of us have that urge to spend money on things because it gives some joy. However, giving up some things or one thing at least can save some money to be used after the holiday. For example, you can give up is one of those unplanned going-out or lunch missions. Consider the costs of drinks and food each time you go out, then organise cheaper ways to have fun with your friends.

4. Don’t join the rat race
Society sometimes pressurizes us to keep up with the Joneses. Buying children, friends and family members expensive gifts might seem like an act of love but we do know that those gifts are material things. They will eventually lose their value and appeal in our highly commercialised world. An alternative would be to make it clear to friends and family what you can and can’t afford. There is no point in getting into debt over trying to please someone.

5. Have a budget
Lastly, this time of year does not last. Ensure that you have a plan and budget to stick to. You deserve to give yourself a treat after working hard the whole year but ensure you do it in moderation. Don’t be tempted to fall into the trap of being shortsighted at your expense in the long run.

Do have a prosperous year ahead!

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