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Bride-to-be misses her wedding after flight got canceled (Photo)

By Rita Chioma
It was a sad moment for a young bride, who had prepared for her wedding, only to cancel at the last minute, after a small airline abruptly canceled its flights from JFK to Guyana in South America on Saturday morning, leaving about 1,000 travelers stranded at the Queens airport.

Leezel Cambridge, 27, a bride-to-be missed her own wedding because of the unexplained change in the 2 a.m. flight.

bride-misses-wedding-featureHer husband had to tell their 300 guests, who were already waiting at their venue, that she wouldn’t be making it.

“I had to cancel it,” she said of her nuptials.

She spent Sunday which was supposed to be her wedding day curled up on the airport’s floor with her wedding dress and 15 of her family members.

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