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Germany-based artist, Vivian Timothy endorsed as cultural ambassador

By Ayo Onikoyi

Konnigsbrunners was on fire this summer as  Germany- based, award-winning Nigerian artist & designer, Vivian Timothy, exhibited mind-blowing paintings.

The Vernissage which was attended by, Mr Joseph Oyi, delegates of Nigerian Embassy Berlin and the 2nd Mayor of the Stadt Königsbrunn, Frau Barbara Jaser, Music and drummer group Kukurudu with Alex Kofi Acquah and dancer Sarah was very historical.

The Konnigsbrunn’s Mayo, Frau Barbara Jaser explained how lucky they were to have the talented Vivian in their community and described her paintings as very exceptional and historical. Mr Oyi on the other hand, congratulated Vivian and allotted her “Cultural Ambassador” with the authority vested in him.

He also revealed how proud the Embassy is to have a great artist, who is carrying the flag of Nigeria with eminence in Europe. Recently in Berlin, Vivian presented her mission and vision to Nigerian President, Buhari, with other intellectuals. Vivian’s paintings which have gone far and wide, have once again landed in Augsburg biggest cultural building.

Foyer Kulturehause Kresslesmühle, Barfüßerstraße 4, Augsburg, has once again witnessed a beautiful and inspiring event after many year, Vivian Timothy opened African week with a Vernissage, on the 6th of November with a standing ovation.

Her new paintings expostulate the situation in Nigeria and African as a whole. In her speech, she described her pains and anger over the happenings in Africa. Also performing her PROSE, Vivian said her dancing wasn’t to praise Mama Africa, but a dance of sorrow for Mama Africa for opening herself to exploitation and economical prostitution.

She called African leaders to wake up and take charge and help their people, instead of  pointing accusing finger at others or Westerners. She said its time, they stopped crying over split milk and find a solution to the problems of their people.

See a snippet of her prose:



My land My hope My pride

Each time I try to wrap my arms around you,

You seem to be far away from me.

Instead you have politically, religiously and economically prostituted yourself with the world,

Mama Africa.

You have made yourself commercially attractive to the lust of the kings of exploitation.

You let them deceive you with their sweet words, “You won’t be hurt” they said.

Your waywardness has stuck you in a system that sucks your blood,

Mama Africa!

Mother nature endowed you with everything,

“A straight way to heaven”

But your numerous men paved a diamond road to the gates of hell,

Mama Africa.

You sold yourself out for what?

The diamonds meant for your beauty have turned into Blood Diamonds.

The good oil from your veins has turned out to be oil of doom, Mama Africa.

How naive! Even your rivers are in their hands.

They made you sell and buy your resources,

And you exchanged your treasures for what?

For guns?

To protect yourself from yourself?

How funny you believe “they won’t hurt you!”

Oh mama Africa! Your soil that was once warm and soothing has turned into a volcanic landscape.

Your land, your air, your seas, even your mountains are all screaming: “Run if you can!”

Your children are leaving you and dying on their journey to the so-called paradise in a quest for a better tomorrow.

And the few survivors are treated like Ebola, spitted, scorned and even isolated.

Mama Africa,

Your children are roaming the streets of their so-called promised land in search for an identity.

Wake up, mama Africa!

Your years of exploitation have made you old and weak.

Wake up from your slumber ,

Your have been kept in a coma for too long .

Your borrowed system has failed you.

Stop the blame game!

Accept the truth about you: This counterfeit system is rather an illusion than freedom.

Oh, mama Africa!

The values you taught me,

are they still worth fighting for?

Is there any hope for tomorrow?

Are all our hopes lost for ever?”

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