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Letters handwritten by late Princess Diana up for auction

By Patricia Uyeh

The letters written by the late Princess of Wales, Diana to  former Buckingham Palace Steward, Cyril Dickman have been revealed by Cyril’s grandson, Matthew Dickman and put up for auction.

The letters, which dates as far back as 1984, show that the royal family were quite fond of the steward, who served in the palace for more than half a century before his death in 2012.

Princess Diana was particularly fond of the steward as shown in the notes.

She was killed in car crash on August 31, 1997 in Paris and buried on September 6, 1997.

According to Matthew, ‘He was much loved by the royal family. When he was ill, towards the end of his life, Prince Charles came to see him at his home in London.’

The letters would be among the items to be auctioned in Cambridge come January 5, 2017 and are estimated to be worth £15,000.

Other items to be auctioned include signed Christmas cards from Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip and Prince Charles, as well as pieces of cake from their weddings and never-before-seen pictures.

Speaking on why these items are for auction, the grandson said, ”We have decided to sell some of the items he had purely because there’s too much of it to keep.”

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