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“My bottom is basically my bread and butter” Bootylicious model says of her 59″ backside

By Sewe Ishola

All she had wanted was just to increase her butt size but Economics graduate, Courtney Barnes got more than she bargained for, as she got a huge 59″ back side instead.

Courtney, 32, from Miami, underwent three rounds of illegal butt shots six years ago at one of the thousands of illegal ‘pumping parties’ that take place across the States.

Courtney said: ‘One thing that I did learn in economics is that it’s about having a product that people want – and my product is myself right now.

‘I want to show men, women, and children that it is possible to be beautiful, smart, and have a big ass.’

Courtney, who was a regular on the Miami club scene, quickly became renowned for her sixty-inch bottom.

And after pictures of her began to go viral, Courtney decided to monetize her online fame.

Courtney said: “I was working at a traditional office job at that time and so many pictures and videos of me were going viral just out shopping and dancing in the clubs.

‘That’s when I started to model and get myself out there. I knew how to best market myself and the success was almost overnight.”

Now Courtney has 379,000 Instagram followers and is a successful model and cam-girl.

And although her path from scholar to cam-girl has been unconventional, Courtney credits her studies for equipping her with the knowledge to turn her bottom into a lucrative business.

She said: “What I do may be different, but my product is myself right now and my bottom is basically my bread and butter.”

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