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3-year-old left to starve by her parents for being a ‘witch’

By Osahon Ibizugbe

An unidentified corp member, serving in Nnewi, Anambra state has revealed what a little girl named Sarah is going through in the hands of her parents, who have been starving her and even beating her, because she has been branded “a witch.”

The corp member said the parents of the child have refused to stop maltreating her even though they have tried to talk them out of believing their own child is a witch.

Read what she wrote below:

I’m a corp member serving In Nnewi, Anambra. This child (see attached picture) is my neighbor’s kid and she is just 3 years old. Even at this age she has already passed through a lot; her parent thinks she is a witch and the bruises on her face were given to her by her own parents. She gets beaten almost every day and she is malnourished and skinny from starvation. It’s really heartbreaking.

This girl, at this age, lives in so much fear of her parents that one day we found her hiding behind the toilet door of the corper’s lodge. We have talked to her parents, but they still keep beating her up. We are calling on the relevant authorities to come to this girl’s rescue. It is obvious they are trying to gradually kill her. MOD kindly move this to the front page. They live at Nnewi, Anambra. Amichi. NCCF NYSC family house.


See pictures of the child:

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