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Tips on how to style your Teeny-Weeny Afro (TWA)

By Patricia Uyeh

Nowadays, women are choosing to go the natural way.  Some went transitioned and some had the big chop.

For those, who did the big chop off, that was a bold step. Don’t fret, below are tips on how to style your teeny-weeny afro (TWA):

1. Dye
Applying hair dye is a way to turn your TWA from ordinary to glamorous. Using gold dye would not be a bad idea. Ensure you go subtle on colours. Choose one that particularly go with your skin tone.

2. Wash and comb
Invest in good moisturising and conditioning shampoo to keep your hair healthy and lustrous. Also use the right combs to avoid shredding of your hair or breakage.

3. Be stylish
There are variety of hairstyles you can do with your teeny-weeny afro . You could do finger twists or use perm rods. Ensure you get creative and bring out the best of your teeny-weeny afro.


Photo credit: Pinterest

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