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Romantic Ways To Propose To Her

By Rita Chioma

Valentine season is here again. A season for so much love and affection to go round. This could also be the time to pop that marriage proposal question to the love of your life.
Well, it’s so easy to say, ‘go and propose to you girlfriend ’, but it’s really hard for the person who is going to propose. In fact, it takes a lot of courage to do that: so that the whole proposal, won’t flop and turn to an embarrassment.
Before you make that move, remember, marriage proposals should happen once in your lifetime; so make it worthwhile and perfect.
You need to plan the best way to propose. Choose from any of these, work it out and deliver romantically.

1. Valentine’s Day
Write some best love quotes in each paper and hide each of them at different places around your house. After every love quote, write where the next paper is to found. So she can easily find all the papers. On your last paper, write: “These quotes did not come from my tongue but from my heart. Will you marry me?”. Here is the time to get down on one knee at her back, so after she reads the last note, she turns around and finds you with the ring. It’s a great romantic way to propose your love.

2. Place You First Met
Bring your girlfriend to the place where you first met her. There are no lovers in the world who forget the place where they first met. It’s one of their most memorable places throughout their lives. So once you bring her to that place, she will be happy and recall some old memories. Now you say something like, “We’ve had an amazing journey together so far, and now I think we are ready to take the next step in that journey. Will you marry me?” Definitely “Yes” will be the answer.

3. During Her Birthday Party
Tell your girlfriend that you are not going to attend her birthday party, and that are going to send a big birthday gift. So she’ll not be expecting you on her special day but your gift. What you need to do is, get a big box put the ring inside and ask your friends to wrap the box and bring it to her birthday party. Once the box arrives at her birthday party where hundreds of people gather, she would definitely be happy as the gift is very large. Now your friends would ask her to open the box. Once she unwraps the box, she would see the beautiful ring.  Then you appear and ask her, “Will you marry me?”

4. Famous Restaurant
Before you go to a restaurant with your partner, you just go alone and talk with the manager and set up an individual room with just 1 table and 2 chairs with dim lights. Then, bring your girlfriend there for dinner and first, surprise her with the arrangements.
Order the meal she likes the most. While you are having dinner, you just take off the ring from your pocket and ask her: “Will you marry me?”. Most girls like restaurant proposals.

5. At Home
Arrange a get-together at your home with friends and ask your girlfriend to attend. A few hours before your girlfriend comes, get all your invited friends to wear a t shirt with your inscribed on it that says for example,  “Oscar wants to be your better half”. Once your girlfriend arrives at your door, first she sees your friends with the same t-shirts. It would surely surprise her. Then, you just come out with your unique t-shirt that says, “Will you marry me?”.

6. Over Candle Light Dinner
Candle light dinner automatically creates a romantic environment. Do this setup in your house instead of bringing her to the restaurant. Cook with your hands whatever your girlfriend likes and arrange that on the table. Stick candles around the table and everywhere possible in the room. Now light up all candles and switch off all lights. And here is the time to bring your girlfriend to that special place. Now you take off the ring from your pocket and get down on one knee and ask, “Will you marry me?”

7. On The Beach
Bring your girlfriend to the beach and build a sandcastle together. When she is  looking somewhere else, put the ring on the highest tower. Or Just walk along with your girlfriend on the beach and you come to a spot where something is written in the sand. You pretend you’ve never seen this message before but, in fact, you wrote it just a few hours earlier in a spot. You ask your partner what the message says, and as she reads it, you pull the ring box out of your pocket and have it ready for her when she turns around toward you.

8. At The Theatre
This is possible when theatre owner or manager or, at least, the operator is your best friend. If so, you can make a one minute clip and ask theatre operator to play that on the interval time. The clip must be short and sweet which proposes your love in a different way. Now you bring your girlfriend to the theatre and as you planned, the clip will play in the interval time instead of an advertisement. Just imagine how your girlfriend reacts to this. It’s a really cool way to propose.

9. Aboard A Plane
First make a plan to go to a romantic destination for a holiday with your girlfriend. When you are on the plane tell your girlfriend that you are going to the washroom. And straightaway, go in front of the plane and use the loudspeaker to propose your love at the high. (You need to get permission from a flight attendant in order to use the loudspeaker. But who will say no to this lovely proposal?

Credit: Pics By Bomaone Photography

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