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Weekend recipe: Grilled croaker fish with ugba and uziza/utazi

By Patricia Uyeh

Meal times are meant to be happy and fun times with family and friends. You could make this weekend special by trying the grilled croaker fish with Ugba and Uziza/Utazi sauce.

Here is what you need to prepare this delicacy:
-4 small size white fish
-2 cooking spoons spoon palm oil
-Dry pepper to taste
-½ teaspoon ginger powder
-3 cups chopped Uziza leaves
-½ teaspoon Uziza seeds
-¼ cup chopped Utazi leaves
-Seasoning cubes to taste
-Salt to taste
How to make grilled fish:
-Mix the oil, pepper, seasoning, salt and ginger and set aside as rub for the fish

-Clean the fish, make slits on the sides, and rub the fish with the palm oil pepper mix

-Set fish aside to marinade for about 30 minutes

-You can now start to grill your fish until it is fully cooked and charred in some areas. When grilling start with low heat so the fish cooks well before increasing the heat to char some of the skin of the fish

-Serve with Ugba, roasted semi ripe plantain and Uziza/Utazi sauce

Method for making the Uziza/Utazi sauce:
-Blend together 2 cups chopped Uziza, ¼ cup Utazi leaves and 4 pieces scotch bonnet pepper

-Heat 2 cooking spoons palm oil and fry the blended vegetables. Add crayfish seasoning to taste or 1 tablespoon crayfish powder and salt to taste

-Fry the sauce until the oil starts to appear on top then taste and correct seasoning

-Spread on the fish and serve

Bon apetit!

Source: thewcommunity
Image credit: the wcommunity

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