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Weekend Recipe: Sizzling hot ”Ata dindin” sauce

By Patricia Uyeh

”Ata Dindin” is a Yoruba word that literally means Fried Pepper. It is one of the most versatile meal you can make because it goes with virtually any other meal.

Ata Dindin can serve as sauce for rice and pasta. It can be refined into soups like Egusi, Efo , Ewedu and so on.  Adding assorted meat can turn Ata dindin into Ofada sauce. As the name implies, Ata dindin can be very hot but you can vary the pepper count to your taste level.
To make Ata dindin, see the ingredients needed below:

-Ata rodo, also called, scotch bonnet pepper (about 20-25) (depending on your heat tolerance)

-2 large red bell pepper (tatashe)

-1 large onion

-3 cups oil of choice (Groundnut or Palm oil)

-Salt and maggi cube – to taste

How to prepare:

Firstly, combine  peppers and onion in a blender. Process into a coarse texture.

Then pour processed peppers into a strainer, set aside to drain out excess liquid

Set a large pot on medium-high heat, heat up the oil then add in the processed pepper, salt and seasoning. Cover the pot and leave to cook for 45min-1hr, stirring occasionally so the sauce doesn’t burn.

You know your sauce is ready when the oil floats to the top and the sauce changes to a darker red.  Skim off any excess oil, if you like.

Bon apetit!

Photo credit: Instagram @9jafoodie

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