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3 Beauty secrets of models

By Patricia Uyeh

Models can sometimes be considered to be super-humans with great shape, lovely height and glowing skins. Truth is, they follow certain routines to stay that way.

In terms of glowing skin, here are three beauty secrets of models:

1. Steam:

It can help open up skin pores. The face is prone to tons of bacteria particularly after wearing heavy makeup. It would be appropriate to give the face a deep clean with an at-home facial steam. All that is required of you to do is to get yourself a bowl of hot water with some mint tea and put a towel  over your head with your face hovering over the bowl.

By doing so, you remove embedded dirt, grime and blackheads from the face.

2. A religious skin routine is key:

With so much going on during the day, it is necessary for women to have a night time routine. Start by taking off your makeup off  with a face wipe, then wash your face with hydrating cleansing cream because sometimes the face wipes are not enough. Then you can now use a scrub or mask on the T-zone area of the face before applying moisturizer.

3. Invest in DIY facials
You could make a mask with avocado and honey or yoghurt or even egg white to soothe and moisturise your skin to make it bright and beautiful

Photo credit: Platform magazine

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