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”An actor had an erection while playing a romantic role with me”- Actress, Mimi Ubini

By Patricia Uyeh

Nollywood actress, Mimi Ubini, in a recent interview, opened up about one of her challenging roles.

The curvy actress who is an Instagram sensation has shared how an actor had an erection while playing a romantic role with her.

Mimi was quoted saying: “My most challenging movie role will be when I played a romantic role with someone I don’t like. It’s a nasty role, I won’t want to play such a role in the future. In the movie, I stole my friend’s boyfriend and made love to him.

”While playing the role, we had to act a sex scene. I was professional while interpreting it, but he wasn’t. He had an erection. I felt very bad”

Photo credit: supreme TV

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47 thoughts on “”An actor had an erection while playing a romantic role with me”- Actress, Mimi Ubini

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  5. fool can’t u know that it is natural that when a man torches woman and the woman romancing d man is inevitable be it joke or real unless he is dead

  6. How did she feel during that acting? Since we cannot find out, she has lied. If an actor got an erection during the act, there is not wrong with that. Maybe he is just making it real.

  7. Damn girl he’s human ok…if that scene was done with someone you had a crush on i’m pretty sure we won’t be hearing this

  8. Comment *if na de man way u dey high u go don open that ur tooth pik leg and allow too pound u like pounded yam , professional my foot abeg alow the guy too enjoy him

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  10. u disclose such unscoreful statement bcoz u neva like d Guy. y d u play such part, if u trust ur dignity.

  11. Comment *hahahaha!!!Dis guy is 1daful, wat did she espect from a live human being she is a full indeed.

  12. Naija, before nnkoh what did u experience . u tell us u wet bcos it takes two persons conscience for this to happened

  13. She b idiot girl,professional indeed.if to say na person where she like,she for don callam later make dem go do am.

  14. I love these comments, they should be forwarded to her twitter handle please, Abeg let her see her once outside

  15. A ba bab you don’t have to spread your deity cloth in the sun be professional it,s just human nature what do you expect before, he,s a man just chill

  16. Erection!!! Surprised!!! I think you need to be educated on what acting is all about and things you should expect………cos ur statement is none but an amateur in this field

  17. A no name like u, and low class 2, who do u think u are? An angel or what? Fuck u, if he was ur like u would have open u garbage legs 4 him 2 hav a test of u, nw maybe he is an up comin like u are, u reject him n u are makin noise u played professional, profsnl my foot, a piece of advice 4 u go n learn tailoy, heir dresser or nurse, cus u don’t hav carriaer in acting muvie. Thank God i don’t hav time 4 9ja muvie. Ndiala.

  18. She only explain what she pass through. You can also tell people about yours, too. That role is not easy to play and I would even say that guy is not qualify to play that role, he needs more experience.

  19. she did not tell us where she touch the guy that caused the so called erection. For me, it is natural. The guy responded well because he is not a dead being.

  20. And then you call him gay if he doesn’t get an erection? Dumbass, it was bound to happen. Besides is perfectly good acting to me… This lady is just making a fool of herself. Actors like that are actually suppose to be commended…

    It’s like a soldier shitting his pants in a parade while bearing the Nigerian Flag and still at ATTENTION(no flinching, no remorse, just standing still like nothing happen). *They actually get instant promotion*

    Who is she anyways? What movies has she been in biko

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  22. What? She is actually ACTING surprised that the man had an erection while they are playing a sex scene? Really? Oh yeah, I guess they can’t sneak one by this huMAN expert.

    Is this supposed to be a joke or what? I know by my calendar, it’s not April 1 yet.

    1. Dont blame her , her IQ is lower than you can imagine. She was even dumb enough to say that she was professional in her role. The man’s erection showed that he was fully involved in the scene.

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