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How to rock those killer heels effortlessly?

By Patricia Uyeh

Heels can transform a lady from casual to classy. Wearing heels do not come naturally to some, while some know how to rock them well, yet, others may find themselves struggling to walk gracefully in the heels.  Below are the five tips on how to walk rightly in heels;

1. Go for leather and rubber thick soles

You are certainly going to want a heel with a thick sole, but not one that is made out of wood or plastic because they are too rigid. Therefore, leather and rubber have much better give, and if it’s nice and thick, the extra cushion can make all the difference at the end of a long day.

2. Lead with the heel then follow with the balls of your feet:

Nothing says “first time in heels” like trying to bring your whole foot down at once. Try to land on the outer edge of the heel, bring your toe down, then push off through the toe.

3. Stretch like you are getting set for a workout:

Heels can cause your calf muscles to cramp and bulge, among other health issues. One way to alleviate those muscle cramps and ensuing pain is to take the time to stretch a little before wearing your pumps. Try a minute’s worth of stretching to save you hours of sore calves later.

4.Work that core:

An important component of maintaining your posture is to keep your core engaged. Not only will it help maintain your spine in the correct position, but it’ll also help you keep your balance while walking in heels.

5. Ensure you can stand on the heels before you can walk:

Stand up straight. It’s not just your calves that bear the brunt of wearing heels. Lower back pain is also super common, and that’s because heels make it pretty difficult to maintain proper posture.

The key is to hold your head high and pull your shoulders back and down, as this restores proper posture and keeps your spine in balance.

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