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”My dad used to fight me everytime but now he is so proud of me”- Singer, Wizkid

By Patricia Uyeh
Singer, Wizkid, in a recent interview with Channels 4, talked extensively about his parents, music, international campaign, the African continent and his strategy for success.
The  singer is currently promoting his new single ”Come closer” and has been recording successes on the way.

Speaking on his parents accepting his music career, Wizkid said:

“My Dad used to fight me everytime. ‘Don’t go to the studio, stay at home and study’. I just had my dreams and I just followed them here. But now my dad dresses up in the morning like Wizkid’s Dad. People take pictures with him on the streets. He’s just so proud, and that’s my joy to make them happy.”

Speaking on making headway in the United States, the ”Ojuelegba” crooner said:

 “Music is a universal language, you don’t need to understand what someone is saying to feel the music or love the music. For me, I feel like it’s just gonna bring this industry (Afrobeats) mainstream. It’s going to do a lot, it’s going to contribute, and probably take over the world.
“Everyone has a little bit of Afropop sound-inspired. Look at Drake on his last album (“Views”), look at Alicia Keys with what she is doing right now with the sound on ‘In common’. Everything is coming back home.”

Changing Global Perception Of Africa: “No one has been able to take it there and show real Africa…and show what it’s about. There’s so much beautiful things in Africa. Africa is so beautiful, and that’s what I’m trying to do with my music now.

”From my videos; I’m shooting at home, making sure we have African prints in my videos, I’m making sure I have my stuff tailored. I’m always strategic with it, so that the world can see it in a great light, and I feel like I can do that.”

On International collaboration process, Wizkid had this to say:

“So, before I get in the studio, before we make a record, we have to be friends, we have to talk, we have to communicate. If I feel like we have a connection and it sounds amazing, I will do it. I test their knowledge. I be like ‘What do you know about this music?’ Like (winks) you know what I mean. ‘What do you know about my records?’ Like sometimes, it’s ‘have you heard anything about African music?’

What you play to me or what you tell me about what you know, I’ll be able to say ‘It’s alright, let’s do it.’”

Wizkid also spoke on the African continent, he said:  “For me right now, I would say it’s the music that is really giving the people joy. The economy is not amazing, the government can be doing better for the people. But the music is the only thing that is really attracting the people like worldwide ‘there’s something in Africa’.”

Photo credit: Instagram @wizkidayo

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