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DJ Cynthia’s Little Brown Girl, breaks records on worldwide chart

By Rita Chioma
Filled with a desire to fulfill her music dreams of giving her fans what she believes they truly deserve, DJ Cynthia MVP is‎ out with an EP, titled Little Brown Girl, which  has hit top 5 on Itune’s world wide chart since, its debut.
The award winning international DJ, who has been spinning and scratching from London to Lagos and other parts of the world, created the EP with different artistes.
“I have come to have confidence in myself and  what I do and that inspired me to have my own sounds. As a DJ, I also have an understanding of people’s reaction to different sounds in a club, so, my collection is the kind of songs I would always love to play for my fans , “ she told Allure Vanguard.
Cynthia collaborated with multi-talented music producer, Omoking to give the songs the exciting sounds and the magic touch.
For the superstar DJ, who is becoming new face of Nigerian music abroad, music flows through her system as she spines through the heart of people.‎
Little brown girl debuted on April 7th and in few days, it became the first Nigerian DJ to hit top 5 on Itune on world wide chart.

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