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6 Amazing health benefits of drinking cucumber water

By Patricia Uyeh
For those who might find drinking water to be tedious, don’t fret. There is an alternative in cucumber water, which has additional nutritional and health benefits compared with water.

So you can take a break from soft drinks and get a glass or bottle of water, drop some slices of cucumber in it and you are good to go.

You can add some lemon to sweeten the mixture or drink straight.

Below are the amazing health benefits of drinking cucumber water:
1. It keeps you hydrated and regulates the body temperature as well as kill toxins that have infested the body.

2. It regulates blood pressure, protects from stroke, heart attack and kidney diseases.

3. Cucumber water can be taken just before the main meal when you start feeling hunger pangs.

4. The silica and antioxidants in the Cucumber water can clear and smoothen your skin. Interestingly, you can also wash your face with the water to make it more shiny and attractive.

5. This natural drink will help you deal with the fat that gathers around your stomach and thighs.

6. It strengthens the gum particularly if  the gum is always bloodied when you brush your teeth, drinking cucumber water can help you stop the blood and strengthen your gum.

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