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‘We are all Animals” – Liz Anjorin blasts singles above 30 taking sides in marital issues

By Rita Chioma
Actress cum singer Liz Anjorin has blasted all those, who are above 30, still single and taking sides on  marital issues on social media.
The entertainment enterprenuer took to her Instagram to blast such people saying they need deliverance.
She also went further to state that we are all animals, saying she stands for peace.
Part of what she wrote said, “If you are above 30 and you are still single and haven’t taste marriage before and you are taking side in marital issues, my dear you need  deliverance.”
She wondered, if her followers would like their beloved ones to spend time in prison, due to marital issues; “Do you pray for your Uncle/Brother/Father to spend all his life in prison because of  marital issues or will you pray for your sister/mother to die in the hand of any man???”
On a parting note, the actress enjoined her fans to “kill the domestic animal in us; some of us cannot even tolerate our house help, In-laws, even our own family, not to talk of our life partner” before thinking of curbing domestic silence.
“Note, we are all ANIMAL because some of us cannot even yield to our parent advice/corrections. Let your relationship that bring evil, sadness and doesn’t add any value to your life between your husband/wife/family even your parent END in PEACE not in PIECES.”
“I won’t stand by anybody, I stand by peace. I will be glad if Government can enforce 6 months counselling on marital affairs before any marriage. A broke husband/boy friend is not different from a mad man in ARO (Psychiatric). A broke man is an evil to himself and a demanding wife/girl friend is a witch in disguise believe it or leave it.’’
This is coming as several reported cases of domestic violence trended on social media this week, one of it involving a fellow Yoruba actress, Mercy Aigbe.

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One thought on “‘We are all Animals” – Liz Anjorin blasts singles above 30 taking sides in marital issues

  1. A wine needs no bush. Ms Anjorin is spot oqn about people and animal instincts. However,what should be a remarkable difference is humans ought to be tamed so as to civilised in actions and deeds.

    We indulge in animalistic act because we lack love and spirit of consideration. We so perverse to the extent that we take marriage and relationships as business where everything indecent is employed. No one who sows a seed of discord would expect to reap fruit of peace, harmony and happiness .

    Yet again, environment plays significant role in human development and growth. It helps to mold and package us either positively or negatively depending on the circumstance of our birth and growth. The above statement may be right because people raised in an environment that emphasises and encourages good family values tend to behave better in marriage and relationships. It is so because they understand the importance of peace, harmony and happiness. They have family root that needs to be protected.

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