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Rapper, JJC opens up on how he met wife, Funke Akindele

By Patricia Uyeh

Popular rapper, Abdul Rasheed Bello aka JJC, in a new interview, opened up on how he met  his wife, Funke Akindele Bello.

According to the rapper, it was while they were both working that they got a chance to meet and it was Funke’s sister who introduced them to each other.   The ” We are Africans” crooner said:

”She wanted someone to direct her TV series, then I was about to embark on recording the JJC album then. Her sister introduced us, because she knew I was into music video directing.

”So, when I met her, she told me she did a movie sometime ago and would like to turn it into a TV series. We started working together and preparing for the shoot, then one thing led to another. Here we are today, the rest is history. We just clicked.”

JJC did not stop there, he went ahead to reveal how he proposed to her. He said:
”I’m definitely a romantic person, so I gave her a dose of it. It wasn’t in an open place, because only very few people knew as at then.

”So, that very day, she came home to meet flowers, candles everywhere; quite a romantic set up. When she saw it, she had no choice than to say ‘Yes’.”

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