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Say Good Morning With Morning Runs

By Adesuwa Ewoigbokhan

There is no better time to having sex like in the morning. You can’t beat the feeling of your spouse’s arms wrapped around you, making you feel desirous even at your vulnerable state.

There is glow that comes on those who indulge in it. You are  healthier and happier just waking up to an eager partner. Having morning runs, sets you in the right frame for the whole day. It makes you feel awake in a way that coffee can not. It is not only a natural way of relieving stress, it acts as an anti body that fights off cold and infection. With this, you can afford to skip your gym, calories can be burnt during the act.
You don’t have problem with undressing, since you are already naked from the night sleep. This is key for morning sex. According to Aristotle, “if everyone is naked, it follows then that we should have sex”.

Staring into each other’s eyes that early has a touch of intimacy attached to it. It is an extraordinary moment to enjoy one another’s smell, looks, sound and the liberty to sexy persona secret of your partner.

No makeup or clothes, it strips you of all. It can be fun, cooler and calmer, better than anything you have ever imagined sex to be.
Indulging in early morning sex not only is it good for love relationship, but also improves health. For instance, it reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack to the minimal, glow and tone the texture of your skin and hair, and build up your immune system. It makes those having it start their day happier than those who are not into it.

Take advantage of your man having higher level of testosterone at that hour and you doing what you need to do to blow his mind away in the best possible way, with some funky and sexy love positions. It makes you spend extra time in bed. If you were not able to do it the night before, you can work with the spooning position and you won’t blame yourself for being knocked out for sex later in the day.
If going to work late will make you not want to have sex in the morning, you can settle for shower position, that is get dirty before getting cleaned up; just be careful to avoid any form of slipping. There is no reason not to give it a try.

It gets to a point in life that night sex becomes boring. Morning Runs will take you to another level of sexual upliftment.
There are couples who prefer morning sex to night sex because of exhaustion from work the previous night. Partners should be able to experiment with everything so long as there is a mutual agreement. So you grab it while early and rested, as you don’t have to stress to dress up, just perform your role.

There are many perks that go with morning sex, for example  indulging in love making that early, will make you not to worry about your makeup or your body shape. Being both naked in bed, half awake and lying side by side easily send sexual signal. You would have finished the act before saying good morning. This is the point where it is advisable you brush your teeth last thing at night before sleeping, irrespective of the looming sex agenda.

Again, being well-rested and feeling energized, you’re all ready to take on Morning Runs.
Having to rush to the office adds its own special kind of perk to your  sexual urgency of the moment, knowing that you’ve got few hours to stay back in bed is the trigger to set the ball rolling.

For women, having early morning orgasm, is sure to make the rest of the day go smoothly.

The moment you are done, you jump to take your bath feeling refreshed. This can actually make couples feel less tensed up as there is no flirty build up, dirty talks, special outfit or makeup, just you in your night wear or naked in between the bed sheet, feeling horny.

After now, you will feel confident to take on the day and all through the day, replaying this memory will keep you excited.
With morning sex, you hardly encounter distractions, no office carry over; work, no facebook, Whatsapp or email to go through before bed.

Morning sex is comfortable and convenient and pure joy if  followed by a light breakfast.

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