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By Adesua Ewoigbokhan

The physical basis of any marriage is romance which takes its bearing from kissing. Unfortunately, the art of kissing seems to have lost its touch in marriages. Partners indulged in a lot of kissing while dating; but once the knot is tied, this simple exercise starts dwindling. Women very often, avoid kissing because they feel it will lead to another level of sexual activity which they are not ready for. As a result, kissing becomes a no-go area for them. In reality, when couples stop kissing, sex drive is lost.

For most couples, kissing could be thrilling and pleasurable while for others, it could be clumsy because they have lost touch with the art of doing it. Kissing in the real word can be classified as French kissing or pleasure kissing. Research has shown that kissing could be a source of pleasure because it excites the lips, tongues and mouth.

There is more to kissing than just the meeting of two lips. Kissing helps to reduce stress and increases excitement and longing for closer intimacy. This intimacy does not necessarily have to lead to sex.

Note that the desire to spark up sensual closeness does not occur until you start kissing. A lot of people want to be able to experience passion, excitement, arousal, before they kiss: but this is supposed to be the opposite in the real sense especially within marriage. If you desire to improve on your sex life, you will have to engage in a lot of kissing and manage the anxiety that comes with it, that is, thinking that it will lead to sex. To be realistic, partners who are into kissing, actually have more sex as it creates that need to move things to the next level. For those with low sex libido, kissing will help boost up sexual desires.

Here are some tips to help you.

Take time to concentrate on just kissing without copulating. If it happens that excitement is building up, just focus your mind on the ride of the moment.

This is the peak of any marriage. It has been so since time immemorial. Kissing seals the beginning of many relationships. It is a way of expressing passion, sexual desire and excitement. For couples, this is the very first meeting point of bodily connection. With time, frequency of kissing begins to slow down especially when other actions begin to replace it.

There is a feeling of emotion which can’t be expressed that comes with kissing. It creates a type of emotional security and binds two souls. A particular kind of closeness erupts in relationship.

If as a couple, your love life begins to lose its spark, just lighten it with a touch of kiss. It does not only bring two lips together, it also unites the hearts.

Also, kissing can be employed to settle a quarrel or fight. It is a relationship saver.

According to Dental Health Magazine, ‘’deep kissing increases the flow of saliva which keeps the mouth, teeth and gums healthy’’. Hence it can be said that passionate kissing is the best for your oral health. There are number of positive benefits to be enjoyed if couples keep up the art of kissing. This serves as stress remover as it helps to lower anxiety.

Kissing helps to keep one in a happy mood; it helps in improving our immune system by releasing antibodies that destroys bacteria. Brete Harte says: ‘’Never a lip is curved with pain, that can’t be kissed into a smile again’’- It boosts excitement, passion, desire and gives pleasure that has calming effects on couple. It is one of the ways to say, “l love you”.

Although there are times or days when you are in a foul mood and don’t want any intimacy with your partner, steal a kiss all the same. Returning the kiss even when you don’t feel like shows you respect your partner. IF you have not done it frequently before now, you are free to start with little pecks here and there. One thing you must never do is to rule out kissing in your marriage.

It is very important for couples to invest in kissing; this exposes the different kinds of emotions. It is a unique style for connecting, settling marital disputes easily and calmly. The more frequency and energy you devote into kissing your spouse, the stronger your relationship will be.

Interestingly, more people actually remember their very first kiss better than the first time they had intercourse.

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