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Exfoliation Secrets

By Funmi Azike

Woman using skin cream
Woman using skin cream

Nothing exudes sophistication like a pair of beautiful groomed eyebrows. Well-kept brows frame the eyes and give your face a polished look. Common methods of grooming the brows include waxing, threading and tweezing. To avoid mishaps, these procedures are best left to a professional. However, if you must shape them on your own, ditch the blade and buy a good pair of tweezers and develop the skill to use them.

• Manual Exfoliation involves the physical scrubbing of the skin using a scrub, brush, sponge, or beauty equipment that requires manual or mechanical manipulation.
• Chemical Exfoliation involves the use of chemicals such as AHAs, BHAs, and retinoid to burn off dead cells from the surface of the skin. These acids dissolve the dead skin cells from the skin. They can be used in products or as skin peels.
• Natural Exfoliation involves the use of natural acids directly from fruits such as pawpaw, lemon apple and pineapple. Enzymes exfoliate the skin by gently breaking down the bond holding the dead cells to the skin.
Exfoliation for Different Skin Types
For Normal, you can exfoliate using any of the three forms of exfoliation.
For Oily Skin, a non/abrasive method of exfoliation remains the best. Manual manipulation using brushes, sponges or scrubs with abrasive materials in them can stimulate the oil glands to produce even more oil. Exfoliating masks and treatments containing salicylic or glycolic acid are very effective for oily skin. The acids help to clean up the skin and help regulate the oil production, Also you can opt for enzyme exfoliation using natural fruit masks. Acne-prone skin will benefit more from professional chemical exfoliation.
For Dry & Sensitive skin, exfoliation should be done with care. While exfoliation can help these skin types very well, if done wrongly, it can irritate and inflame the skin. The skin will benefit from combination exfoliation using products that have mild concentrations of chemical acids) especially AHAs) along with soft and rounded granules in them.  Exfoliation tools like natural sponges and soft brushes are also ideal for sensitive skin.
How to Exfoliate (Using an exfoliating Product)
• Cleanse face and rinse.
• Use your hand to brush off excess water. While your face is still damp, take the scrub into the palm of your hand gently massage into your skin until the scrub disappears. Avoid the areas around the eyes.
• If using an exfoliating mask, just apply on the skin using your hand or a brush and leave on the skin as instructed on the package.
• Rinse until all traces of the product are off.
• Pat dry and apply moisturizer.

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