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I don’t reason the way normal guys do because I have a third eye” – Yomi Makun, fashion designer


Yomi Makun is the brain behind foremost fashion brand-Yomi Casuals. With talents, exquisite taste and skills, the dapper-looking fashion designer, took some time off to chat  Allure Vanguard in a chat, as he unveiled his newest collection- Renaissance.

In the chat, he talked about the fashion industry, what makes his brand unique, his inspiration for designing and his much-talked about proposal to his fiancee and more.

What can you say about the fashion industry in Nigeria?
I am very impressed. We get recognised outside Nigeria. People respect our designs now. I see a lot of foreigners wanting to rock our pieces and that brings me so much joy.

What makes your collections stand out?
I would start from the cuts. The cuts are extremely fitted and very nice and very comfortable. The designs are extremely popular with unique. This collection is for any man, who likes fashion. It is something you would want to embrace.

Are your collections only for the male gender?
We do have female collections as well

What inspires your designs?

I get inspired by my environment. I do research. I am an artist. I paint. I sketch. I don’t reason the way normal guys reason because they say artistes always have a third eye. The way I see a particular object is not the same way you see it. I can create something from an object particularly a design.

How has your brother, AY Makun’s fame influenced you?
His fame has really helped the brand to grow in so many ways. The fame gave me a platform, gave me a voice and talent. AY gave me the platform and talent took over

You made headlines days ago when you proposed to your fiancee. How come it took you so long to do that?

How do I answer that? I am very sure it came at the right time because it is never too late to propose. We are all going somewhere even if you get there before me, it does not mean that you are a champion. My friends getting married before me does not mean that I took all the time. I believe I did it at the right time. I know everything about her, she understands me. Right now, we are best friends. We understand each other. I see her as my friend and wife.

If not you are not doing fashion designing, what would you have been doing?

I would be a stylist or interior designer because from my house to my office, I did all the designs.

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