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Celebration galore as Lupita Nyong’O’s father wins governorship election in Kenya

By Rita Chioma,
Oscar winning actress, Lupita Nyong’O’s father, Prof. Anyanga Nyong’O, has won the governorship election for Kisumu County in Kenya.
He defeated his rivals, Jackton Ramguma and Christine Otieno to win. At 83% of the polling stations reporting he got 252, 490 which is 63% while Jackton Ramguma got 141, 320 which represents 36% and Christine Otieno got 1919 representing less than 1% of total votes cast.
He ran under the National Super Alliance coalition. Kisumu is NASA stronghold where the party easily defeated the president’ s Jubilee party.
With 37, 318 polling stations out of 40883 of the polling stations reporting, President Uhuru Kenyatta is leading his rival, Raila Odinga by 10.1% of the votes cast. At 7, 546, 262 that is 54.57% while Raila Odinga is at 6, 164, 403 at 44.58% of the votes.
The turnout at this point is 72.76% of registered voters.
His team are currently celebrating his victory!

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