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Kemi Olounloyo bows out, apologises to Seyi Law’s daughter, he responds

By Rita Chioma,
Few hours after Seyilaw’s interview with Media Room Hub, went viral, online journalist Kemi Olunloyo apologized to his daughter, Tiwa and prays for her.
It had been a war of words between the rib cracker and the writer, over the weight of Seyi’s daughter, Tiwa.
Obviously, done with the fight and ready to throw in the towel, Kemi wrote this on her Instagram platform:
“Tiwagate is OVER! Special message for Tiwa @seyilaw1’s daughter. Seyi blocked me after the beef started yet he talks about me to all media and I can’t read his postings about me except on Lilian’s  or way too many tagging me.
Seyi you are now free to go in peace. May God bless Tiwa. She will read this one day. When I become 73 years old, she will be 20 years old on the internet. I will not taint her childhood with bickering and hate. I respect myself as a social critic. Nigerians do not understand that concept asking a Journalist to contact celebrities privately. It is not done. We use public figures to illustrate many things. Obesity leads to high blood pressure, Diabetes, heart disease and more. It will not be in your portion IJN.
God Bless you baby Tiwa Alatile. I made you famous and proud of you. “
See  Seyi Law’s response below:
“Aunty Kemi, I am happy we can put this matter to rest and I must sincerely say, I have no personal issue with you except for Tiwaloluwa. When you release your first post, I liked it until the blogs blew it out. I never for once mentioned your children in any of my post and your PH issue, I said I was happy at first, but realised we all make mistakes and deserve forgiveness. The same blog made it look like I was mocking you and then you know what happened from there. I am sorry I said too many things and do hope you forgive. 
If you ever heard anything after this, trust me they were interviews I granted before this month. I am glad we can lay this to rest. I wish you well in your Gubernatorial quest and hope we can always be happy for each other. Thanks for your concerns. God bless you. ‘SEYILAW.”

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