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Man, 38, caught stealing underwears from hospital’s clothesline

By Osahon Ibizugbe

A 38-year-old man has been arrested after he was caught red-handed stealing underwears from a clothesline outside Udon Thani Hospital.

Mr Narin Prasertkaew, a Thai was busted by security guards at the health facility as he grabbed the women undergarments from the hospital’s clothesline.

He had reportedly gotten hold of some four panties of different materials, colors and sizes by the time he was caught.

In his defense, Prasertkaew profusely pleaded that he was doing it for his girlfriend, whom he claimed was wearing panties with holes in it.

Prasertkaew also pleaded that he had lost his job a few months ago and therefore was unable to buy the crucial undergarments for his girlfriend as gift. “I have never committed such a crime. I only wanted to get my beautiful girlfriend some panties because I love her so much,” Prasertkaew continued to plead, adding that he wasn’t stealing that pants to quench his manly needs.

His plea, however, fell on deaf ears. He was slapped with theft charges.

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