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Selfie With Chioma Obiadi

By Linda Orajekwe

Chioma Obiadi
Chioma Obiadi

Chioma Obiadi is not your regular queen. The 40th Miss Nigeria is an epitome of brain and beauty with a dream to promote the green health project where she gets to promote sustainability in the environment. To her, wearing the crown is an opportunity to let the world know that being a queen is more than meet the eye, it is about the intellectual strength of the girl with the queen saddled with the responsibility to highlight and sometimes resolve issues that plague Nigeria.
But in the midst of all these responsibilities, the Anambra born queen still finds time to stay beautiful and fit. How she manages all that is the curiosity that drove us to her kingdom, where she gave us the SELFIE of her life; from fashion, beauty, fitness and life’s ideology.

What is the fashion to you?
To me, fashion is covering up yourself, putting a cloth on your body. I’m not one of those that look at fashion like it’s a lot. For me and fashion, less is more; fashion should be something you feel comfortable and okay with, something you’re proud to walk out on the road with. That’s fashion to be

How would you describe your style?
It’s simple and classy.

What fashion routine do you employ to slay?
It depends on where I’m going to. My comfort is very important to me, so no matter what I want to wear, the first thing I think of is, how comfortable is this to me?

So do you have a beauty secret?
Hmmm… I’ll just say resting. For me, it is resting. With this new position as Miss Nigeria, I don’t get to rest well as before so what I usually do now is rest as much as I can whenever I have the opportunity to. Drink a lot and eat a lot of fruit.

Tell us about your beauty routine.
Well, I don’t have a beauty routine. I just try to be as natural as possible, and I do not put anything discolouring on mine because I am one of those very proud girls of my skin.  I try to use natural products, and my body lotions are all moisturisers.

So how would you describe your eating habit?
My eating habit? I’ll say I eat like a rabbit. I can eat about seven times a day but in bits.

Do you exercise?
No, I don’t, and that’s bad of me. I’ve been trying to get myself to the gym and all but it has been a real challenge.

How do you relax?
That will be with ice cream and cake in my hands, watching a good movie.

What are you passionate about?
I’m passionate about being successful.

What’s your watchword in life?
I’ll say do to others what you would want them to do to do.

What’s your life rule, beauty rule and fashion rule?
My life rule is never to give up, keep fighting because it’ll pay at the end. My role model, Dr Wilson, she had her life rule, if she had given up somewhere she wouldn’t be where she is today, so anytime I am tired and feel like giving up, I tell myself that my life is not tougher than that of my mentor’s. My beauty rule will be “keep it as natural as you can. Fashion rule “be comfortable.”

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