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Selfie With Enyinna Nwigwe

By Linda Orajekwe


Model turned actor, Enyinna Nwigwe is one actor we love to watch. Watching him on the screen, it is not difficult to see that this is actor goes the extra mile in taking care of himself. Looking stylish and fit is something Enyinna portrays with ease.

What’s fashion to you?
Fashion, to me, is a channel through which I can express my identity and personality. It is a silent communicator as to how one wishes to be perceived. A quote comes to mind: “Dress how you wish to be addressed”.

How would you describe your style?
My style can be as broad as my outlook on things. I style myself depending on how I feel. When I feel patriotic, I go Nigerian, which is currently my best look. We have a wide range to choose from due to our cultural diversity.
When I feel trendy, I could pick from any other look out there from other cultures. What’s most important to me is how I feel about myself.

What fashion secret do you employ to slay?
I like to accessories a bit but within decent confines.

What’s your looking good secret?
I do not have any… I just live; get rid of negativity and all who embody it..

How would you describe your eating habit?
I have had the most random eating habit for some time now. I love to cook, mostly local Nigerian delicacies – soups and all. Sometimes, those cravings come late at night and I cook and binge. Rice is my favourite guilty pleasure. All that, however, is only recently changing.

Do you exercise?
Yes I do. I am a gym regular and I also play tennis and swim sometimes.

How do you relax?
The beach is my favourite relaxation spot. I love to travel and interact with folk from other cultures with great energy. A good conversation relaxes me.

What are you passionate about in life?
I am passionate about a lot of things; God first, my work as an actor, sports, cooking, kids and a lot more. As I continue to evolve, the list grows.

What’s your watchword in life?
Be true to yourself always.

Life rule, beauty rule or fashion rule?
Life rule: Live life on your terms.
Fashion rule: Dress comfortably.

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