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Wiz Khalifa’s mom files $50,000 defamation suit against mother of her grandson, Amber Rose

By Rita Chioma,
Wiz Khalifa’s mom, Katie Wimbush-Polk, has a problem with her son’s ex-wife, Amber Rose, and apparently it’s so serious that a quick sit-down can’t fix.
Wimbush-Polk is reportedly taking Amber Rose to court for $50,000 over defamation, alleging that Rose has severely hurt her reputation with allegations of being a negligent parent.
Wiz’s mom claims Amber made a “profanity-laced” call, to her line on June 19, according to the Washington County Observer-Reporter.
Polk’s 5-year-old niece initially answered the phone to a heated Rose, who had already begun yelling into the phone.
The lawsuit reports that Polk’s friend, Danesa Letic, eventually gained control of the phone, to which Rose continued her vicious tirade.
Rose allegedly said that Wimbush-Polk had allowed her daughter, Dorien to die and was subsequently unfit to care for her grandson, Sebastian.
Dorien, Wiz’s sister, reportedly died in Feb. 2017, after suffering from complications with lymphoma – a specific type of cancer involving cells in the immune system.
Although the incident seems unusual, Rose’s phone call may have been provoked by Polk’s alleged call to California child services regarding Rose’s mothering abilities but Polk denied that claim.
Wimbush-Polk’s lawyer claims that Rose’s call was “imputed criminality,” which completely conflicts “with her status as a grandmother and her status as a volunteer mentoring at-risk youth.”
Polk also insists Rose’s comments were a personal attack on her reputation in the community, and have resulted in many people’s resistance to work with her.
Wimpush-Polk’s $50,000 suit will reportedly cover her legal fees and other punitive damages caused by Rose’s comments.

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