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I want to marry a bad boy- Didi Ekanem, actress

By Rita Chioma,
Varieties they say is the spice of life and choice defers, while some young ladies would rather go for a gentle, loving man, Didi Ekanem who is one of the fast rising actresses in Nollywood, wants an average bad boy for a life partner.
“I can’t say who I can marry or who I can’t because whoever God says is mine, is mine. Be him an entertainer, an engineer,a doctor, a pastor.”
My kind of man must be God fearing, he must be respectful and caring, a little bad boy ish, obviously not a boring man. A man that can love me right, because love to me means respect, care, understanding, patience, tolerance and trust,” she revealed.
Although, her derriere marks her out, Didi also wants to be recognised for her talent on screen rather than for her bum. “My butts? Please can we not talk about my ass, thank you. I have unique talents, as everyone is blessed with different unique talents,” she boasts.
Didi who is fond of flaunting her curves and behind on social media said she doesn’t care about negative comments thrown at her by some critics.
“I actually don’t pay attention to negative comments. I always flaunts my clothes on social media. It’s important I do that for the growth of my business.”
Asked if she’s fulfilled as a script interpreter, the big and bold actress said:   “How can I be fulfilled when I barely just started (laughs). I am not fulfilled oh. I’m still very much hungry for more. I’ll feel more excited when I have must gotten that international recognition and probably break a record as the first Nigerian actor to win an oscar for a role in a Hollywood movie.”

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