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Actress, Moyo Lawal escapes robbery attack last night

By Rita Chioma,
Curvy and talented Nollywood actress, Moyo Lawal, narrowly escaped with minor injuries after she was robbed last night on Lagos roads.
The unfortunate event took place in Lagos, on the third mainland bridge bound traffic, but luckily for the movie star, she didn’t lose any of her valuables, even though the glass of her car was shattered.
She just shared her experience via Instagram:  “I  got robbed last night …. YES…. l’m fine, I just have little cuts from the pieces of the broken glass. They didn’t take nothing. It all happened really fast. I just left the studio at Ilupeju and was about climbing the third mainland  to head back home ( you know that part of the bridge you either turn to Anthony or head on to the bridge) anyways. I just look up to my back mirror and I notice, I see this person running behind,t here is traffic, so we were moving slowly, it was just like 8pm. I turn to ask my P.A, if he can see the person running behind us.  Next thing I just felt someone strangling me, trying to grab my chain, trying to reach out to get my phones. My PA started hitting him and screaming.
Meanwhile the other robber is at the other side trying to get my PA to wind down. Next thing they are gone (then that’s when people start winding down asking if I’m okay ). This literally happened in thirty seconds or so. I am so gratefulhe didn’t use whatever he used to break the glass on my face or any part of my body for that matter. Because he literally broke the glass in one second. Just please help me thank God…. Am so so grateful. #soblessedandfiercelygrateful.
See more photos from the attack:

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