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Lazy, pompous men turn me off – Actress, Belinda Effah

By Rita Chioma,
Cross-River state born actress, Belinda Effah has declared that marriage is indeed on her mind and her fans should wait for her wedding bells to ring soon.
The pretty Apaye movie star also revealed what turns her off in her relationships with the opposite sex.
”Lazy and pompous men really turn me off. I can’t deal with such kinds of people, neither would I date any man like that.
Ms. Effah also has a word for her colleagues who are currently facing domestic violence in their respective homes.
”I stand against domestic violence. If a man hit you once, he will hit you again. Don’t let it happen. I am against divorce but if a man hits a woman, I advise she separates from him for a while for him to return to his right sense.”
Early this year, while her friends and colleagues are venturing into fashion and beauty businesses, Belinda Effah took the bulls by the horn and launched a food stuff store. She reveals what prompted such move.
Hear her: “Multiple sources of income. It is important to not depend on just one source of income. It’s very limiting. I have always been very business conscious. I was just waiting for the right time to establish something. I am also equally passionate about food. Food is a basic necessity. I love to work legit for my money, earn money the right way.”

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