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Teen actress, Regina Daniels marks 18th birthday with beautiful photos

By Rita Chioma,

Regina Daniel is 18 today and she chose to celebrate it with some lovely photos.
The well loved actress has within a short period made a name for herself in the Nigerian movie industry and beyond.
Adding to that, Regina’s mother, Rita Daniels who is also a movie star poured out good wishes and prayers for her darling daughter.
She wrote: “No words can tell how much I love you, baby! All the riches of the world wouldn’t make me happier than your smile. Seeing you happy is all I want, Every day I am more and more proud of my life’s accomplishments: a smart, polite, beautiful and caring girl that everyone would love as a daughter. I wish you always remain like that no matter what life brings ahead of you, Every year I come back to the day of your birthday to find you’re a little prettier, sweeter and funnier than last year! Today I have a big present for the biggest present of my life! There are a ton of good things I would like to wish you of, but it all comes down to one important thing: I wish that every year, this very day, when you look back to the past years, there won’t be any regrets for the things you did and- most importantly- for the things you didn’t do. Go on and do what you like, we will always stand by you! Happy birthday my beloved daughter, my pride.”

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