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Veteran actor, RMD wins Best Actor Award at AIFF

By Patricia Uyeh,

Veteran actor, Richard Mofe-Damijo a.k.a RMD, has won the Best Actor award at the just concluded Abuja International Film Festival (AIFF).

He made this announcement via his Instagram, writing:

“So I won the best actor for my role in 3 wise men at the just concluded Abuja international film festival. It couldn’t have come at a better time as we wrap the #glolafftafest2017 today.

” It’s been a long comic ride since April. Laughter is good for the soul, and even the bible acknowledges that a heart that is cheerful is as “medicine for the soul…” which is why I love to laugh and be merry. Like laughter, awards are good for the soul especially when they are not post mortem.

“People ask me why I still get excited over awards in acting since I have won tons of them. Well, yes, I still get tickled by acting awards, It’s who I am, it’s what I do and I absolutely love it.

“It is my art and in it’s own way defines me, so any recognition of excellence ìs a validation that on my lane, I do good work. I adore and totally respect those who do same in their respective fields because when it all comes down to it, really, it’s how we impact our little corners that count. I am blessed and thankful that after 33 years of doing this work, I still hunger to be better everyday.

“My name is Richard Mofe-Damijo I am an actor, grateful for the liberty to express myself through my craft. Who are you?”

Photo credit : Instagram @mofedamijo

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