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Yekini’s daughters to turn father’s house to football museum

By Rita Chioma,
The two daughters of legendary striker Rashidi Yekini have concluded plans to convert their late father’s house in Ibadan into a football museum after they fended off pressures to sell the property.
Lawyer to the late Yekini, Jubril Mohammed, informed SCORENigeria this was the latest decision on the property of the late football star.
“The older daughter has completed her studies in England and it is her idea to convert the property to a museum,” Mohammed told SCORENigeria.
“The two daughters are both emotionally attached to the house and would rather put it to better use.
“The older one now plans to relocate to Nigeria and start work on the project.”
It is expected that the proposed museum will house the many treasured memorabilia of the one-time African Footballer of the Year.
There was an earlier proposal to lease the property, which is a twin duplex in Ibadan not far from Ring Road in Ibadan, to a school, but that has since been dropped amid pressure from other family members to sell it and the proceeds shared to relatives.

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